Movember Case Study


Find a reliable bandwidth solution to service  Movember’s new location in Los Angeles, CA.  This new location both handles the majority of their donations, and hosts their servers for United States donors. Movember needed to increase their Bandwidth to at least 20Mbps, for the month of November each year, their biggest and most profitable month each year. Movember did arrange for a fiber connection, but their connection wasn’t expected to be installed for four months. With time running out, Movember decided to give Towerstream services a chance based on the Towerstream’s ability to install within three to five days.


Towerstream provided both a temporary and primary link for Movember within days. Towerstream was able to immediately arrange for an  installation of services for Movember in order to set them up with a temporary 5Mbps link, while their primary  20Mbps link was being installed. In the end, Movember was extremely happy with Towerstream’s ability to react quickly to their Internet needs, while it’s experienced technicians installed a reliable secure Internet connection.


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September 7, 2017