Non-Discrimination Policy

Towerstream Practices Net Neutrality

Towerstream’s non-discrimination policy includes information informing customers that we will not favor any lawful Internet applications and content over others; will display network management policies in a prominent location on the service provider’s web page and provide notice to customers of changes to these policies. Towerstream will connect to the public Internet directly or indirectly, such that the project is not an entirely private closed network; and offer interconnection, where technically feasible, without exceeding current or reasonably anticipated capacity limitations, on reasonable rates and terms to be negotiated with requesting parties. Exceptions to this policy apply to the needs of law enforcement and reasonable network management.

Non-discrimination and Interconnection Policy

Towerstream’s non-discrimination policy includes an explanation that Towerstream practices net neutrality. We do not prioritize packet transmissions on the basis of the content of the packet, the customer or network that is the source of the packet, or the customer or network that is the recipient of the packet. With respect to any Internet access service offered to the public:

  1. Towerstream’s non-discrimination policy  means we will not block, interfere with, discriminate against, impair, or degrade the ability of any person to use an Internet access service to access, use, send, post, receive, or offer any lawful content, application, or service through the Internet;
  2. Towerstream’s non-discrimination policy  means we will not impose a charge on any Internet content, service, or application provider to enable any lawful Internet content, application, or service to be offered, provided, or used through the provider’s service, beyond the end user charges associated with providing the service to such provider;
  3. Towerstream’s non-discrimination policy  means we will not prevent or obstruct a user from attaching any lawful device to or utilizing any such device in conjunction with such service, provided such device does not harm the provider’s network;
  4. Towerstream’s non-discrimination policy  means we will offer Internet access service to any person upon reasonable request when available therefore;
  5. Towerstream’s non-discrimination policy  means we will not provide or sell to any content, application, or service provider, including any affiliate provider or joint venture, any offering that prioritizes traffic over that of other such providers on an Internet access service; and
  6. Towerstream’s non-discrimination policy means we will not install or utilize network features, functions, or capabilities that impede or hinder compliance with this section.

“We are very happy with Towerstream’s Internet services. They are working well. PFD is growing fast and we may require an additional increase in bandwidth in the near future.”–Larry Finley – Office Manager, Premiere Fuel Delivery