Isaacson, Miller Case Study


Find a reliable Internet Service Provider able to install prior to the aggressive move-in date. Isaacson, Miller found out that their headquarters would be moving from Downtown Boston to South Boston. For those unfamiliar with the area, South Boston is a rapidly growing section of Massachusetts with fewer ‘on-net’ internet service offerings than Downtown Boston. Although a contract with another service provider was in place, Nathan Wright, Director of Information Technology and his team were made aware that their current service provider would not be able to install service until a month after their move date. This, of course, was not an option.


By completely bypassing the local phone company, Towerstream offers rapid installation, often installed in 3-5 business days or less. Through a Google search, Nathan and his team learned of Towerstream. After researching Towerstream’s website and speaking with a Towerstream Account Executive,  Nathan and his team decided that Towerstream would be  a perfect fit due to its scalability and guaranteed uptime, and most of all, fast installation. Two weeks after the initial contact, Isaacson, Miller was up and running. By the time the original provider was able to install, Isaacson, Miller was already so pleased with its service from Towerstream, that they decided to maintain their contract and use Towerstream as their primary connection. Nathan and his team were also impressed with the responsiveness of Towerstream’s technical support when an issue arose one morning around 2:30 AM.


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September 7, 2017