Wholesale Partner Program

Towerstream Delivers Wholesale Dedicated Internet Access to Carriers and Service Providers.

Delivering Last-Mile Access to Carriers and Providers

Businesses today require fast and reliable high-speed internet. The demand for Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) means companies require a solution that doesn’t only suit today’s needs but can scale to address future needs. Fixed wireless is the preferred alternative to fiber for many businesses who either do not have access to fiber or are located where fiber installation is cost prohibitive.

Using Fixed Wireless Technology, Towerstream delivers high-speed Internet Service seamlessly and securely at a lower cost than traditional providers.  Towerstream provides both DIA and Point-to-Point Transport solutions with bandwidth options from 5Mbps to 10Gbps.

By using our fixed wireless network, carriers do not have to wait for fiber infrastructure to be installed. These competitive advantages enable our carrier partners to provide the solutions their customers need quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Towerstream leverages our existing building footprint to deliver reliable, secure bandwidth to carriers in 12 major US markets.

  • 175 major Points of Presence (PoPs)
  • Over 500K addressable buildings within 4 miles of our PoPs
  • 2 million metro local loops within 4 miles of our PoPs


Towerstream provides scalable, secure and reliable business class internet connectivity enabling our wholesale partners to react to increasing bandwidth demands while reducing operational and capital expenses.


Our Fixed Wireless Network includes 175 major Points-of-Presence and 392,000 addressable buildings within 4 miles of our PoPs in select  major US markets.

Service Delivery

We can guarantee delivery of service within 25 business days to over 392K buildings in our select major US Markets.

Our flexible pricing options and terms are built to suit your needs to allow your business to stay competitive in the market.

Our streamlined ordering system, escalation procedures, and billing processes ensure that our wholesale partners get the support they need and deserve. We provide 24/7/365 Customer Support and Monitoring through our US based Network Operations Center.

Contact us today to learn more:  wholesale@towerstream.com