Scalable Bandwidth

Towerstream offers scalable Internet connections for businesses nationwide. Our scalable Internet connections are able to be increased to accommodate the growth of your business as you need it. In most cases, Towerstream scalable Internet can be increased to your new bandwidth capacity within minutes. With Towerstream, the days of waiting weeks for upgrades are over.

Towerstream scalable Internet grows with your organization and offers on-demand, flexible bandwidth that can be “turned up” with just one phone call. Towerstream scalable Internet offers connections between 5Mbps and 10Gbps and will work to customize the broadband solution to meet your business’ individual Internet capacity needs. Contact Towerstream for more information regarding our broadband services.

“We were moving to a new building, and after the demolition crew ripped the fiber mux from the wall, Verizon was telling us it would be two to three months before we could get Internet. Towerstream had us up and running within five weeks of the initial phone call. Not only did they deliver in a pinch, but they have continued to deliver excellent service since the move in 2010.” —Nathan Wright, Director of IT, Isaacson Miller

“We have been using Towerstream for our business,  JTC Steel, for many years and we find it reliable. We needed to replace a home Internet connection for our CEO with a faster and more reliable service. We also needed static IP addresses. Towerstream was our first choice for a provider.”  —Nassef Tewfik, IT Director, Johannessen Trading Company