Below you may find the answers to many common questions we receive. You may also call (800) 306-6993 to speak to our live customer support staff. Our U.S. based Customer Support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What is On-Net?

On-Net refers to the extensive number of buildings in Towerstream’s select metropolitan coverage markets currently lit for On-Net Business Internet Service. Towerstream selects the qualified commercial buildings in our markets to be able to offer high-capacity bandwidth at tremendous savings. Towerstream’s goal is to highly penetrate each On-Net Building.  Our unique delivery method allows us to pass our tremendous savings in equipment costs to our customers, allowing your business to experience FASTER THAN FIBER Business Internet.

How do I know if my building qualifies for On-Net service?
Towerstream utilizes building demographics to determine which buildings will be added to our On-Net Network. Contact an Account Executive today at 1-866-848-5848 to find out if your building qualifies for Towertream’s On-Net Business Internet Service and the spectacular pricing.
Is Towerstream bandwidth symmetrical?
Yes. Towerstream DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) is always symmetrical with guaranteed bandwidth, providing equal capacity for both uploads and downloads.
Do Towerstream connections have the ability to load balance with another connection?
Yes. Many customers set up their Towerstream link to load balance with a secondary link. Towerstream technical support is available for assistance.
What is the size of the equipment involved? Is it intrusive?
Towerstream’s equipment is generally the size of a small pizza box. The installation uses a non-penetrating mount and is not intrusive.
Can I move my connection?
It is possible to move your connection should your company move to a new office building in one of our existing markets. Contact your Towerstream sales representative if you are planning a move.
Does Towerstream provide usage reports?
Yes. Our customer service team can easily provide you usage reports upon request.
Does Towerstream offer temporary or short-term service contracts?
Yes. Towerstream offers temporary Internet connections that are perfect for events, conference centers, construction sites, TV/movie productions and much more.
Is customer service available 24/7/365?
Absolutely. Our U.S.-based Customer Care team is located in Middletown, RI and is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to help you and monitor your connection.
How much bandwidth can you provide?
Towerstream is able to provide anything from 5Mbps to 10Gbps.
Can Towerstream connect two or more locations with private point-to-point connections?
Towerstream can provide customers with EPL (Ethernet Private Line) or Metro-E services in market. Please contact our sales department for more information.
Do you charge for static IP addresses?
No. Towerstream always provides static IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6) free of charge.
Does Towerstream use satellite technology?

No. Towerstream has many locations, or Points of Presence (POPs) in the select major metropolitan markets and services its customers from other nearby buildings and towers.

Will a Towerstream link interfere with other wireless signals?
No. Towerstream links do not operate in the same frequency bands as mobile carriers or Wi-Fi products.
What frequencies do you use?
Towerstream links are tailored individually, so the frequencies do vary. Most links operate between the 5GHz and 80GHz frequency ranges.
Is a Towerstream connection secure?
Yes. Towerstream’s equipment manufacturers utilize proprietary communication protocols and encryption schemes at the RF layer.
Can I add additional bandwidth to a Towerstream connection?
Yes. In most cases, Towerstream is capable of upgrading your connection with a simple phone call.
Do you plan to add additional service areas?
Yes. If your location is not currently serviceable, please send us an email so we can let you know when Towerstream is available in your area. You can reach out to us at Info@Towerstream.com.
What areas do you service?

We currently provide service in several select major metropolitan markets, including Boston, New York, Providence, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Dallas/Ft Worth. 

Is Fixed Wireless less reliable than wireline?
No. Towerstream relies on the very same equipment manufacturers used by first responders, high-frequency stock traders, and mobile carriers for their mission-critical data applications.
What is Fixed Wireless?
Fixed wireless is the operation of data transport services connecting two fixed locations, such as building to building or tower to building.