Olarte Transport Service Case Study


Finding an Internet Service Provider (ISP) capable of providing service to Olarte’s Miami and Los Angeles locations, which were in non-serviceable areas of other providers. Both buildings were in non-serviceable areas from traditional carriers, with the exception of offering “best effort” DSL services. In 2008, Olarte’s President, Ralph Olarte, was beginning to grow is business substantially. As both the Miami and Los Angeles locations were outgrowing their current  Internet connections. Because traditional carriers were unable to provide any Internet services beyond a DSL, Towerstream was called.


Towerstream was able to install a 5Mbps link in Los Angeles, and a 3Mbps link in Miami, in locations not serviceable by traditional providers. With Towerstream’s secure fixed wireless solution, Olarte was supported with Internet capabilities that helped the company to grow even more, once Towerstream installed the new wireless links in the Los Angeles and Miami locations. In March, 2014, the Olarte Corporate office in Los Angeles recently upgraded to the 20Mbps link, as Ralph Olarte was planning to add a WiFi network for his International clients that come to the United States to view his business operation.


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September 7, 2017