Johannessen Trading Co. Case Study


JTC was seeking an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to install Internet access at the home office of their CEO. JTC had been an Internet customer of Towerstream for many years, all the while they were very happy with Towerstream’s services. When it came time to seek out an ISP to install an Internet connection at the home office of the company’s CEO, Towerstream was naturally their first inquiry.


JTC contacted their Towerstream Account Executive to confirm Towerstream’s ability to provide home Internet service to their CEO. They also confirmed that Towerstream was able to provide a fast, reliable, business-class Internet connection with a static IP address at the location. Towerstream confirmed the ability for a successful installation of a connection at the specified location. The new connection was installed within days and the JTC CEO was up and running, worry-free. Towerstream delivers large broadband pipes with low latency and high quality at a low cost. The quality of Towerstream service is guaranteed in writing with an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA). Towerstream builds a gigabit mesh Ethernet backbone 800 feet above the city that does not rely on local phone companies. When you get Towerstream service, you connect to this very reliable and redundant backbone infrastructure. It’s that simple.


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September 7, 2017