Folmar, Cecil J, M.D. FACS Case Study


To find an Internet Service Provider (ISP) capable of adhering to both security standards and bandwidth speeds required to upload large medical fields. All medical practices must follow strict HIPAA regulations, which includes the security of medical files being uploaded electronically. Previously, Dr. Folmar and his team experienced several instances of unplanned Internet down-time, as well as stalled-out connections to the Internet, as a result of the system being unable to handle the medical file upload tasks. The lack of adequate upload speeds coupled with an unreliable connection resulted in Dr. Folmar’s professional medical practice falling behind on patient files and office tasks, as well as the potential for HIPAA violations.


Towerstream seamlessly and quickly installed a 1.5Mbps solution for Dr. Folmar’s practice. A primary benefit to Dr. Folmar was the reliability, scalability, and speed of his new Towerstream connection. This new Internet connection allowed Dr. Folmar and his staff to upload medical files as-needed in a reliable and secure way. Towerstream was also able to provide the security that medical offices must follow, including latency and packet loss, as well as VoIP.


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September 7, 2017