Symmetrical Internet Connections

Our symmetrical Internet connections are always bi-directional/duplex offering guaranteed bandwidth speeds for every business customer. Towerstream provides equal capacity for both uploads and downloads for every connection. Simply stated, Towerstream symmetrical Internet connections are guaranteed to give you the same powerful symmetrical Internet connection in both directions, every time. Upload speed is particularly important to companies that use their symmetrical Internet connections for hosting, VoIP, video streaming, cloud computing, transferring data files, large format printing and more. Towerstream symmetrical Internet connections support all of these services.

Many other companies’ business Internet connections cap uploads at a much slower rate than downloads. At Towerstream, we hold strong that reliable performance should be available in each direction, especially when customers are paying for that ability. At Towerstream, you get exactly what you are paying for every time.

Unlike our competitors, Towerstream Upload and Download speeds are always symmetrical. 

“Despite trying three carriers, and going through countless troubleshoots, no company could guarantee us the speed and quality connection we needed…Finally, I found Towerstream business Internet, and within days they had installed a symmetrical connection that gave us the upstream we needed. Our customers were thrilled. It’s the best decision we’ve made at HonduTV.”  Jose Romero, President, HonduTV

“Evergreen is using Towerstream business Internet service after Hurricane Sandy. Service is very good and service never gets interrupted.” —Lee Thach, Computer Section, Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corp.

“Working with Towerstream is easy!  Upgrades are done in a timely manner. Over the years we have formed a strong business relationship that has seen both enterprises expand, while continuing to provide clients with exceptional services.” —Bernie Mcrory, Network Services Manager, Lahey Clinic

“In these very competitive economic times, Towerstream’s Internet connections allow us the flexibility to easily increase bandwidth as a selling point to our guests.” —Joan Rowland, Director of IT, The Palms Hotel & Spa, Circa 39 Hotel