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Residential Customer Referral Program

Residential Customer Referral Program

Refer a friend and get $25 off your next month’s service. Your friend will get $25 off his or her installation fee.

Refer a Friend and get $50 Visa Gift Card. 

Your friend will get $50 off install fee.

Am I eligible to make referrals?

You can participate in the Refer A Friend program if:

  • You’re a current Towerstream customer
  • Your account is not past due

Who can I refer?

You can refer anyone who hasn’t had Towerstream service within the previous 365 days.

How do I refer my friend for Towerstream service?

To qualify as a referral, you must fill out our online referral form.

What does my friend need to do?

The referred customer must:

  • Get Towerstream residential Internet service installed with standard installation. A standard installation includes only 1 radio to connect the premise to the nearest tower or access point, 200′ or less of cable, a standard roof or ground mount, and no trenching.
  • New customer must be serviced by an existing Access Point in place at the time of referral. Customer referral program will not apply where Towerstream is required to expand its network, add new Access Points, or implement network upgrades in order to serve the new customer.
  • Maintain service in good standing (active and current) for 60 days after account activation.
  • A current customer will not receive referral incentive where said customer is already receiving other discounts. New customers will receive the referral incentive.

Please Complete the Form Below So That We May Process Your Referral

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