Customer Escalation Procedures

Towerstream’s Network Escalation Procedure has been established to provide our customers with the ability to notify our management of Service or Operational system problems.  This procedure applies to both management of existing service and installation of new services.  We track all problems through a comprehensive ticketing system.

Please provide the following information where it applies:

  • Company Name and Link ID
  • Case number
  • Description of problem
  • Location of service
  • Complete contact information, including email address and alternate contact.


Technical Support 

Available 24×7, 365 days a year

Phone: (401) 608-8204
Email: support@towerstream.com
Web: https://www.towerstream.com/company/customer-support/

Technical Support is responsible for and has access to all corporate resources available to resolve your support issue.  For us to provide high-quality resolution to your support issues in the fastest possible manner, please follow the procedure below for issues of a purely technical nature.

Please allow a minimum of 1 hour for response from each level before escalating to the next.


1st Escalation – Technical Support Email: support@towerstream.com
Phone: (401) 608-8204
2nd Escalation – Level 2 Support Representative Austin DeBarros
Email: adebarros@towerstream.com
Phone: 401-608-8258
3rd Escalation – Senior Operations Manager

Mark Button
Email: mbutton@towerstream.com
Phone: 866-848-5848 x8263

4th Escalation – Director of Operations

Melissa Milligan
Email: mamilligan@towerstream.com


Non-Technical Support

Finance Billing Email: billing@towerstream.com
Phone: 866-848-5848 x9102
1st Escalation – Account Management Email: accountmanagement@towerstream.com
Phone: 401-608-8204
Cancellations Email: support@towerstream.com

Additional Escalation Points

Non-technical support is available Monday – Friday, 9AM to 5PM, Eastern Time.

Installations Email: installations@towerstream.com
On-site Dispatch Team Phone: 866-848-5848 x8389
Email: FieldDisptach@towerstream.com
Direct Sales Phone: 866-848-5848 Option 1
Email: sales@towerstream.com
Residential Sales Email: sales@towerstream.com
Phone: 866-848-5848 Option 1
URL: https://towerstream.com/residential-internet/
Channel Partners Email: quotes@towerstream.com
URL: www.towerstream.com/partners/partner-program
Wholesale Email: wholesale@towerstream.com