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Towerstream is bringing ULTRA-FAST INTERNET to select neighborhoods in Collin County, Texas. Act now and reserve your spot so your family can experience super fast speeds up to 1Gig at this special introductory rate.

Towerstream delivers fast and reliable internet service where cable can’t reach, fiber won’t go, and DSL can’t connect.


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Towerstream provides secure and high-speed internet service where fiber can’t go, where cable won’t go and where satellite doesn’t work.


Anna, McKinney, Lucas, Melissa, Princeton, Van Alstyne, Westminster and surrounding areas. View Coverage Map


Get installed in as little as 1-2 Days.. Our expert team of installers is ready to get you connected.


Our flexible pricing options are built to suit your needs so that your family can stay connected without breaking the bank.


With plans  from 50Mbps to 1Gbps your family can work, stream, and game at lightning fast speeds.


We provide 24/7/365 Customer Support and Monitoring through our US based Network Operations Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my internet speed guaranteed?

Our residential Internet service, like our competitors, is best-effort service. There are many factors that may affect speed, such as general data traffic on the Internet beyond our area,  physical line interruptions and residence wiring conditions. Some things that happen are just beyond anyone’s control.

All download and upload speeds for Towerstream's residential service may vary (customer location, websites accessed, internet congestion and customer equipment are all factors that may impact your ability to achieve expected bandwidth ). 

Towerstream will use its best, reasonable effort to attempt to provide data bandwidth up to the maximum speed listed; however, such speed is not guaranteed or symmetrical.

How does Towerstream Internet service work?
Towerstream provides an Internet connection via a wireless antenna system. An antenna is installed on your roof with an attached radio receiver/transmitter. This antenna is pointed at a nearby tower, and must have uninterrupted line‐of‐sight. When you send and receive information over the Internet, it goes over the wireless signal from the anenna mounted at your home to our Access Point. Towerstream service has very low “latency” (or delay) compared to satellite Internet, where signals must travel thousands of miles into space.
Is this satellite Internet?
No. Towerstream uses fixed wireless technology not satellite technology. Unlike satellite Internet, where signals must travel thousands of miles into space, our service has very low latency.
What areas can you service?

Our residential internet service is available in Collin County, Texas including Anna, Melissa, Princeton, McKinney, Van Alstyne, and Westminster and surrounding areas. Service is also available in Los Angeles and Southern California.