1Gig Home Internet

ONLY $99/MO*

We deliver high-speed Internet virtually everywhere. Now offering fast and affordable Internet in Collin County Texas including Anna, Lucas, McKinney, Melissa, Princeton, Van Alstyne, Westminster and surrounding areas.


*Not all plans are available in all areas. Additional fees may apply. WiFi router is available for an additional fee. Basic and Standard plans represent “best-effort” download speeds. Premium and UltraGig plans are guaranteed and symmetrical.

1Gig Internet - Ultra Fast Speeds for All Your Needs

Work From Home

Our high-speed residential internet is a business-class service allowing you experience the same advantages as when you are in the office.


Enjoy popular streaming services without delays or buffering experience.

Distance Learning

Our reliable internet service is the preferred choice among educators, students and parents.

Home Security

Secure and reliable internet with our 99.99% uptime guarantee ensures your internet-based home security system and cameras are always connected.

Online Gaming

Elevate up your gameplay with our dedicated high-speed bandwidth for residential customers. Online Gamers will benefit from our low packet loss and low latency for optimal performance.

Smart Homes

Our 99.99% uptime guarantee backed by our industry-leading SLA gives your the piece of mind that your smart home devices remain connected.

Introducing 1Gig Internet from Towerstream

We are expanding our fixed wireless network into your neighborhood and surrounding areas. Soon, subscribers in your area will have the opportunity to experience highly-reliable business-grade broadband via high-capacity internet connections at affordable rates. Join your neighbors and reserve your spot today and reserve your spot to get 1Gig internet speeds. Service will be launching soon reserve now by filling out your information in the form.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Step 1: Fill out the form 

Step 2: A Towerstream representative will contact you to collect more information and provide your with launch dates in your area.

Step 3: Prior to launch date, a Towerstream representative will contact you to set up your installation appointment.

Step 4: A Towerstream technician will show up at your home at the scheduled installation time to set up your service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my internet speed guaranteed?

Our residential Internet service, like our competitors, is best-effort service. There are many factors that may affect speed, such as general data traffic on the Internet beyond our area,  physical line interruptions and residence wiring conditions. Some things that happen are just beyond anyone’s control.

All download and upload speeds for Towerstream's residential service may vary (customer location, websites accessed, internet congestion and customer equipment are all factors that may impact your ability to achieve expected bandwidth ). 

Towerstream will use its best, reasonable effort to attempt to provide data bandwidth up to the maximum speed listed; however, such speed is not guaranteed or symmetrical.

How does Towerstream Internet service work?
Towerstream provides an Internet connection via a wireless antenna system. An antenna is installed on your roof with an attached radio receiver/transmitter. This antenna is pointed at a nearby tower, and must have uninterrupted line‐of‐sight. When you send and receive information over the Internet, it goes over the wireless signal from the anenna mounted at your home to our Access Point. Towerstream service has very low “latency” (or delay) compared to satellite Internet, where signals must travel thousands of miles into space.
Is this satellite Internet?
No. Towerstream uses fixed wireless technology not satellite technology. Unlike satellite Internet, where signals must travel thousands of miles into space, our service has very low latency.
What areas can you service?

Our residential internet service is available in Collin County, Texas including Anna, Melissa, Princeton, McKinney, Van Alstyne, and Westminster and surrounding areas. Service is also available in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Get your home connected today. Getting started is easy!

Plans starting at $45/mo*