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Experience Fixed Wireless

Towerstream uses Fixed Wireless Technology to deliver high-speed business class internet to businesses. Towerstream broadcasts high-speed internet from some of the tallest buildings, known as Points-of-Presence (PoPs), in our 12 US markets. Towerstream can provide bandwidth speeds from 5Mbps to 10Gbps to customer locations within a 10-mile radius of the PoPs, contingent upon line-of-sight from the PoP to the customer rooftop.

Fixed Wireless is Faster than Fiber

  • Electromagnetic waves travel 50% faster than fiber optic cable through the air. The light in the fiber cable is traveling through a medium similar to glass, which has a higher density than air. Microwaves traveling through air travel very close to the speed of light, helping support the idea that microwave fixed wireless is able to work faster than fiber.
  • The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This principle gives Microwave technology an inherent advantage over optical networks. Optical networks cannot be deployed through geographical and infrastructural obstacles like buildings, bridges, mountains and lakes. Instead, optical networks must go around these obstacles or in metropolitan areas the fiber lines must follow street grids, thus adding distance to the total network path. Microwave overcomes these obstacles and works faster than fiber due to the direct “point-to-point” route, providing true speed-of-light benefits.

The existence of more hops introduces more processing latency and noise to a network. Because Microwave networks typically reduce the number of hops as compared to optical networks, this reduces the overall end-to-end latency. Towerstream’s SLA guarantees 99.99% service availability within our coverage areas, 99.9% packet delivery, less than 25ms round trip delay on the Towerstream backbone and 10ms round trip on Towerstream’s last mile solution.